5 Reasons to Transfer

  1.  Hospitality: Ozarks has been immensely helpful when I was moving here. Faculty were there for me to ask questions, even though I was a very late transfer. Joey and Reggie brought me in and rushed things to get me into the system and had me sit down with an advisor the next day for a schedule. EmmaLee started making phone calls to find places for me to live so that I could keep my dog with me.
  2. Campus: Ozarks has the perfect campus set up. It gives it even more of a homey feel. Everything on campus is easy to find and get to without worrying about getting through a million people to get there. The small size of the campus, on top of the natural beauty of the area, really caught my attention.
  3. Students: The students are welcoming. When I got here people would come up and talk to me, ask where I was from, my major, and just be friendly. This isn’t a school where people only care about themselves and get their own needs met before helping other people.
  4. Faculty/Staff: The faculty have been impeccable. From President Dunsworth to our janitors, everyone is kind and willing to sit down and talk to students. Not solely on a business level, but they are able to talk about personal lives with students and hear everyone out with their questions and concerns.
  5. Community: Ozarks is not just a school, it’s definitely a family.

– Katie Ventress


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