Six Memorable Moments from the Ultimate Class Trip

University of the Ozarks senior Jae Huckaba, an English and Spanish major from Forrest City, Ark., recently spent 21 days in Europe with eight of her classmates as part of the Learning and Culture in Europe class, led by Dr. Allison Freed, assistant professor of education/science education. The class visited historical sites and educational institutions throughout the Netherlands, Germany, France and Belgium. Here are Jae’s top six unforgettable moments during the trip:

  1. The Eiffel Tower: The first night we lay under the Eiffel Tower and watched it sparkle at the beginning of the hour, which was gorgeous. However, riding to the summit of the tower the next day was an even more over-whelming experience and offered an amazing view of the entire city of Paris.
  2. Refugee School ISK: The ISK/EOA school in Maastricht is a linking school for child refugees in the Netherlands. By emphasizing Dutch language composition and comprehension through lessons in a variety of subject areas, the ISK is able to help these students transition into the Dutch education system. My visit to the ISK was a heart-warming experience because it stands as a model for possible refugee schools in the U.S and the students were extremely hardworking and determined.
  3. Walk to Belgium: I, along with two friends, set out on an on-foot adventure from the Netherlands to Belgium. Our destination was a castle, which sits just before the border of the two countries. It was unbelievable that in three short miles we were able to experience two different countries.
  4. NS Documentation Center: El-DE-Haus, or the NS Documentation Center, was used during the Nazi operation in Germany for the torture — termed  “intense interrogation” — of prisoners. The building now exists as a museum to preserve the inscriptions on the walls from the prisoners and explain how the Nazis were able to rise to power in a fragile Germany.
  5. The Catacombs: Walking through the catacombs in Paris and listening to the history was a very eerie experience. It houses 6-8 million human bodies from Persians to victims of the French Revolution.
  6. Anne Frank House: During our tour of the Anne Frank House, I was able to see the hiding spot of the Frank family, as well as Anne’s original diary. We were also given an incredible private expansion of the tour, which included a lesson from a holocaust historian on how to teach a difficult topic, such as Anne Frank, in a classroom.



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